A Little About JJ

It all started the day I had enough of my warehouse grocery store job in Great Bend, Kansas and applied at our local radio stations. This eager-to-learn high schooler auditioned by reading a short newscast into their tape machine, and instantly I had a job. My first gig was “babysitting” their reel-to-reel automation system and giving a newscast twice an hour. Later I went on to spin records for a regional Rock-40 powerhouse there, so I understand how small and medium market clusters operate. Your budgets, your concerns, your challenges, and now more than ever, the importance of the revenue that only happy customers can generate!


I got to the big city as soon as I could. As an on-air personality in San Antonio, I entertained audiences across the full spectrum of formats: Rock, Oldies, Country, Talk Radio, and was one of most memorable airborne traffic reporters in town.

But I was drawn to production like a moth to a porchlight, and for almost 20 years, was the Production Director for that big “iRadio” company here. Then, when some out-of-town radio friends needed help, I started Skinny Rocker Productions in 2007.

Now I enjoy working from my beautiful home studio, writing, voicing and producing creative advertising campaigns for radio clusters and clients across the Midwest. And it doesn’t hurt to have my faithful Production Pups assisting!

Shoot me an email and let’s get started on your next project!

I appreciate you checking in. Have a great one!

Skinny Rocker Productions

Contact JJ at:  JJ@SkinnyRockerProductions.com

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