I’ve been very blessed in nearly 40 years of radio to have worn a lot of hats. I got my start in Great Bend, Ks watching a reel to reel automation system so I know what it’s like in the smaller markets.
I was a very entertaining air personality on several stations and formats from rock to oldies to country, spent over 10 years as one of San Antonio’s most memorable traffic reporters (five of that airborne in a MG with wings.. oh boy do I have stories!) dabbled in sales, and was even a talk show host for a while.

Now, fast forward to the present!

For over 10 years, I’ve operated Skinny Rocker Productions! I am having such fun helping people like you! Ready to work with somebody positive? What can I do for you? Look at my references and take one minute and eight seconds out of your busy day to listen to that demo. It’s all there. Whatcha need? Ordinary nice guy delivery? Ballsy concert style? Super chill jus’ growlin’ into that mic? Character voice? Yeah, I can do it all and I’d love to work with you!
Email me today! Let’s get this goin’!

About raulradio

I am a digital content coordinator for a major radio company in the US. The internet is my life...technology is my fun.

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